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"My 9-year-old and 7-year-old sons have been taking piano lesson with Ms. Miri since they were 5 years old.  Ms. Miri is a very dedicated teacher who truly cares for the growth in musical knowledge in each of her students. She develops a unique teaching plan to fit each individual skill and learning style and executes it with a friendly and positive approach. She is also very patient and works very well with children. My sons really enjoy having Ms. Miri as their piano teacher. They have learned techniques and gradually learned to enjoy music."


"Our 7-year old daughter has been taking private piano lessons with Miri for the past three years. Miri is very passionate about music and a wonderful educator. Since starting to take lessons with Miri, our daughter has steadily and remarkably progressed not only in her technical abilities, but more importantly in her feelings for the music she is playing. Miri is dedicated, patient and determined at the same time, capable of instilling a sense of discipline in her students. Miri’s attention to dynamics, style and interpretation, not just “playing the notes”, builds on the students’ interest for the piece and grabs their attention and desire to practice and perform. As all parents know, pushing our kids to practice is always a bit of a challenge, but progressively this became less and less necessary as our daughter continued studying with Miri. One cannot ask more than a motivating teacher for your musical kid."

Claudia and Ezio

"We are extremely impressed with the piano teaching our children have received by Mrs. Miri.  They have gained an impressive level of proficiency quickly, but more importantly they are extremely fond of playing at home and look forward to their lessons.  This is a clear testament to the excellence of Mrs. Miri as an educator and tutor of young children who wish to play an instrument.  She clearly conveys her love of music and playing to the pupils and they catch on quickly. In short, Mrs. Miri is the ideal music teacher!"

Anna-Maria and Kenn

"Miri is absolutely wonderful music teacher. She designs a specific music plan for each student with different learning styles, and based on their abilities. Our 10 year old son Daniel enjoys playing piano. He started learning piano when he was 6 years old. The most important thing is that he practices every day at home by himself - doesn't need us to remind him to do so. Our 5 years old daughter Sabrina was asking to learn to play piano since she was 2. Now she had her first three lessons with Miri and she can't wait until next Thursday to have another class. We know that our children will keep playing the piano for a long long time. I definitely recommend piano lessons with Miri to every parent who thinks and wants to give music as a life-long gift and joy to their children."

Angelica and Yuriy B.

"Ms. Miri has taught our son Julius since he just turned 5 years old.  Ms. Miri is a wonderful educator who has motivated Julius with her passion for music, attention to detail,  loving persistence and patience. He has made steady progress and was able to read music after a short period of time. He would always tell us that piano lessons are 'hard', but was always looking forward to them. We will forever have wonderful memories of his first recital. His big smile and pride after performing his songs on stage. Thank you Ms. Miri!"


Ms.Miri is truly an amazing piano teacher! She is so devoted to each student personally and also cares so much about their progress, even beyond the classroom. She helps set up goals and plans for the students to follow through so that they really have a firm grasp of the piano and the music. She also teaches theories and techniques that transform the music to become alive and tell it’s story. Ms. Miri is not only a piano teacher, but a teacher of wisdom and life lessons. My son, David, was able to learn many good qualities such as responsibility, care, and persistence. Ms. Miri is truly the best teacher anyone could ask for! So glad we found her!


My daughter has been playing piano with Ms Miri for about 3 years. Ms Miri is an excellent teacher. She knows each of her students very well. She makes dedicated plan to each kids depending on different levels. She is not just teaching the kids how to play the piano, but also the music theory. She also sends the kids to participate different recitals when she thinks they are ready, which are the great experiences for the kids. She is very knowledgeable, very patient and very caring for every kid. My daughter enjoys her piano class every week and she is willing to practice piano every day, which is very important to the little ones to start building up a serious hobby. We are really lucky to have her as our piano teacher.


Ms. Miri is an amazing teacher. She gives great caring to each and every one of her student. She has all of the qualities that any teacher should have: she's thoughtful about designing lessons based on the interests, goals, and skills of the student and extremely patient. I feel very fortunate to have found such an exceptional teacher for my daughter.


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