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Do we need to have a piano at home to start piano lessons?

Yes, having piano at home is a must condition to start piano lessons.

Can my child practice on the digital piano?

Acoustic piano is always preferable, it will help to develop proper piano techniques. However it is acceptable to use a digital piano with touch-sensitive and weighted keys in the beginning of the learning process.

How do I know my child is ready for piano lessons?

The maturity level of young children varies greatly. If your child shows an interest in learning to play piano, if his attention span long enough to practice 10 minutes at home, if he is able to sit still for 30 minutes during the lesson and follow the directions, I would recommend to give it a try.

How much must my child practice at home?

I require my students to practice daily, however practice time depends on the student's level.

What if my child request to quit piano lessons?

If your child is thinking about quitting piano lessons, I would appreciate if you could share with me as soon as possible.

How do I buy a piano?

Do not hesitate to ask me, and I will happily help you.

Can you recommend an adjustable piano bench?

My students purchaised the bench in the link below and were pleased with this item:

Piano bench

How do I find a piano technician?

I warmly recommend Vincent Ling who is taking care of my piano. You can contact him by phone: (410) 428 8111, or by email:

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